Balut So Good!

How do you find the above photo? Is it looking good?

Most Filipinos are fond of eating this Asian cuisine called "balut" most specially during drinking sessions. I haven't eaten one for a long time already. When James and I were in Tagbilaran City last month and were taking photos at the port, a young man of age 12-13 came over while singing out loud "baluuuuut, baluuuut". I had no plans of eating one then but James was determined. That balut up there is just 16 days old from birth, notice the nerves and the black feathers? I can't consume this type of balut.

Actually, there are different kinds of commercial balut. It varies from 14 days old, 16 days old and18 days old as far as I know. I only eat the first kind because the head and it's feather's aren't developed yet compared to the rest. I couldn't remember when and where was the last time I ate one. The only thing I remember is that it costs Php 11 at that time. Amazingly, the price had risen up to Php 16.

For me, the soup inside the egg gives its flavor and it is my favorite part. Whenever I eat one, I would surely consume the soup first. It is most tasty when you add special vinegar (made by the vendor) and salt.

the boy balut vendor and inside the plastic bottle is the special vinegar with spices

They say balut is also nutritional just like other eggs. It has a lot of protein in it and is the main reason why body building men prefer it.

James eating up his balut, gruesome!

One of the questions I had in mind before was why balut is only sold at night. Well, I found the answers in the internet and the first reason is so people will not see it's unsavory looking appearance and because of its alleged aphrodisiac properties. If you're quiet curious what aphrodisiac is, then ask your best friend Google.

So, do you like to eat this exotic food as well? Which one is your choice of taste then? Let me know...

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  • wow Balut!!! pero di ako kumakain nyan... balut penoy lang.. hehe

    BTW! I’m visiting the links in my BC Bloggers Page.

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  • @yannie: hello..try mo nalang ung balut penoy. 16 days old wla pa mga feathers un..hehe

    thanks for visiting! I love bc bloggers... i will be visiting these sites soon too!!

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