How to Get PhilHealth ID Card

I went to PhilHealth office the same day right after I finished changing my incorrect SSS member data.

I was hesitant to go to the Philhealth office since I didn't know its location; all I knew was that it is just in front of the old SSS office. So from the SSS office, I rode a PUJ with route code 14D, I reached Golden Peak Hotel where the Philhealth office is situated.

The Cebu office is just a small space compared to SSS', there were a number of people inside already though it was still 8:20 in the morning. I immediately approached the front desk and ask what to do about getting a PhilHealth card. The gentleman gave me a priority number and a request slip for PhilHealth Identification card where one needs to write down his or her surname, given name, middle name PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) which I don't know what and your signature over printed name.

One can let somebody else get their id on their behalf. Here are the reminders on getting the card:

If member: 
bring any valid ID or complete CF1 (see what CF1 means here. )

If not a member:
* bring an authorization letter from the member or complete CF1
* any valid ID of the member
* any valid ID of the authorized person

Reminder: if your number is called and you're not around, you will be made to get another priority number and fall back in line.

Gladly, there were only a few people inside so after I gave my request slip to the lady in counter 9, I was able to get my PhilHealth card at 8:40 from counter 3.

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