How To Update Incorrect SSS Name

Cebu City SSS office

This Monday has been a busy and long day for me, I woke up as early as 1 o'clock in the morning. I watched a movie and as promised, prepared to go to SSS (Social Security Service) office. Tanya and I agreed to meet at the site at 5am.

Tanya arrived earlier so she had reserved a spot for me in the line which raised the other people's eyebrows, teehee. I was late with our agreed time, I reached the office at 6:10. Gladly, I didn't have to wait for a long time since the guards had already opened the office at 6:30 anyway, we had a little chat about how the Breaking Dawn movie came out.

Since I came to update my SSS records, we have to separate and fall in different lines. I actually have an incorrect middle name, thanks to our municipal registrar who had typed it incorrectly but it was already been updated and NSO authenticated, click here to know how I changed it.

Cebu City SSS waiting line
I regret that I didn't bring any book with me since the waiting game was kind of long, senior citizens were prioritized. I didn't even eat my breakfast so I was very hungry already while I was seating filling out my E4 or Member's Data Amendment Form. It was already 7:30 when my number, 6 was called. The teller was friendly and there was pretty quick with the necessary actions needed. I was just disappointed because the turn around time for me to get it updated is a month. I thought I can apply for an ID at the same day, well it looked like I will be seeing these people again in 30 days.

Cebu City SSS priority screen
Anyways, it's a good thing that at last I was able to work with my identification cards, starting with SSS.

To sum up everything, here are what the step by step guide on how to update your SSS data most specially those ones with incorrect information.
  1. Ask security officer for a priority number, they will ask what your transaction will be and they'll point you to which line to stand in.
  2. Prepare your identification cards for checking, the officer will give you a corresponding priority number and the E4 form.
  3. Fill out the E4 form and prepare again the photocopy as well as the original copies of your identification documents, wait for your number to be called. Be attentive enough for your number which will be shown in the LCD screens.
  4. Give the E4 and the documents to the officer in charge and you're good to go!
SSS E4 form
Some friendly reminders:

* bring a book to help you kill time

* bring a photocopy of all of your documents and IDs, I had to go out for awhile and have my birth certificate photo copied, good thing there's a university near the area, I only went out for about 10 minutes.

* bring a black pen, I bought a pen worth Php 5 when I was on my way to the SSS office however the E4 form has a reminded that only black pens should be used. So I ended up spending another Php 7 for the black pen.

* bring a bottled water or some light food, if you don't want to go out to have a drink or spend money, this is really helpful most specially if you came late. 

Here are the documents needed for correction of name:
Birth or Baptismal Certificate or in absence of both, any two of the secondary documents enumerated below and Affidavit of two persons who have personal knowledge of the fact that the name appearing in the primary or secondary documents belongs to the same person. 
In the absence of the primary documents: 
1.) Certificate of loss/non-availability thereof from the Local Civil Registrar of the place where  you were born and the Parish Priest of the locality where you were baptized;
2.) Any two of the following secondary documents that show your correct name and date of birth or age.
a. Record of Employment 
b. GSIS Member's record
c. Certification from National Archives
d. Alien Certification of Registration
e. Marriage Contract
f. Birth Certificate of Children
g. School records
h. Passport
i. Joint Affidavit of two disinterested persons attesting to the fact of your birth.

Here are some other photos I took at the SSS office using my Palm Centro smartphone.

Cebu City SSS office
Cebu City SSS Office from the outside.
Cebu City SSS office
Cebu City SSS office outside view number 2.
Cebu City SSS office
The waiting area inside the SSS office, it was still early so there were only a few people inside.
Cebu City SSS office Christmas tree
The Counters and the Christmas tree
Cebu City SSS office's Flag Raising Ceremony
It was a breather for me when I was able to witness and join as well the Flag Raising Ceremony, I never had done this for a while already!
Will update you in 30 days, check how I got my PhilHealth card here.

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