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Aside from being an amazingly clean and beautiful country, Singapore has become a hub for the call center agents I had known from my recent company. Every agent or colleague that I had come to talk with dream to go and work in this country. If not work, it has become the top most want-to-visit place and indeed they would certainly do what it takes to get there. Thanks to some airline seat sales, traveling to the neighboring countries isn't too hard now adays. 

A number of my colleagues went on a three-day vacation last week to Singapore. They had the best time of their lives and funny how I didn't feel jealous. Okay I admit, I was slightly jealous. I want to travel as well but I don't have any budget for it yet. But then, I am happy that my colleague-slash-insurance agent friend went too! And because of that, I was able to receive not just one but two Singapore key chains! Hurray! Well, the other one is actually for James. I love it and I am super thankful to Mermer for the pasalubong.

I had the opportunity to choose between the designs, I selected this because it was the only one without the glitters or the silver dusts. I also like the carved lion image which represents the country.

James isn't this type of person who lives these type of stuffs so he gave me his own and I am just happy about it. I have two Singapore souvenirs now, happy!

This design has some story on the back part about the design which is called The Merlion. Here it goes:
The Merlion
Singapore in ancient times was known as "Temasek" a javanese word for sea. It was then, as it is today, a busy trading center. Temasek was destroyed at the end of the 4th century, according to the "Malay Annals", the island was rediscovered again in the 11th century by Sang Nila Utama, A prince of the Sri Vijaya empire. Upon his landing, he saw a strange beast which he later learned was a lion. "Singapura", a sanskrit word Lion (Singa) and the city (pure). 
The Merlion symbolizes in its fish body, the ancient city of Temasek and its lion head, the legend of its discovery.
A short yet educational history about why the creature which represents the country looked like that.

So for now, I am satisfied with the Singapore souvenirs I received today. For now, I will stare at the lion image design and day dream for a whole week vacation with James at the main city. For now...

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