Missing Government IDs

While my colleagues are chatting on gbuzz about our twilight saga The breaking Dawn part 1 movie schedule today we had gone to the ID topic without knowing how. I soon realized that I don't have any government ID at all, I can't really consider my driver's license as one because of I-can't-tell reasons. 

One of my colleagues told me that those identification cards are really important most specially if you are traveling and that was my turning point. I then thought of why I don't have any IDs at all except for my company ID. I didn't bother securing those IDs since after all I can't really get out of the country due to my DOST scholarship. I realized I was actually wrong, I should have exerted effort getting those but then I thought, I actually had tried once.

I recalled that time when I was going through the process of correcting my middle name, I was required to provide supporting documents and one of the few was voter's id. I don't have one so I immediately went to our town's Commission on Elections' office and I won't forget what the personnel told me, he said that only a few voters are given those cards, unfortunately I am not one of them. This is unacceptable but what can I do? I asked for reasons, they said that's how it really works, wow! I was surprised! Is it because the Philippine Government has been really poor that it can't provide cards for every voter? I felt discriminated of course. In the end, I went home with the certified-true-copy application for registration instead.

I don't have an SSS ID too. This was because of my middle name problem which has been resolved already yet I never had time to work on it. BTW, I already received my updated NSO birth certificate last February. My bad but to cope up with it, I am going to SSS office and process it. Darwin, a colleague received his SSS ID two years after processing it. Look like I'm gonna receive mine on 2013, that is if the world is still alive.

I don't have a PhilHealth card as well as TIN ID. The company that I am working right now is my first ever company, first job after college and they say the company should provide the PhilHealth ID themselves. True enough, most of my wave mates were able to receive an email notification about claiming their PhilHealth IDs. I, on the other hand didn't receive one. Positive enough though didn't receive a claim email went to the office and scanned through the hundreds of cards but ended with my shoulders down because I didn't find any with my name on it. They said it's very easy to get one just as long as I go to the office and I am determined to get mine as soon as possible. 

So on Monday thanks again to our new work schedules, I will have the opportunity to get those IDs I don't have yet. Hopefully I won't be encountering any problems in the way. I will surely share how it would end up. Let's see if I could get one home. 

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