Travel: Naga City

Because I won Simple Yet Rock's Level Up Giveaway Anniversary, I had the opportunity to visit Naga City where I would be claiming the Php 1000 prize. Naga City is just 30 minutes away from Cebu City if via mini bus but will take you more than an hour if via a jeep. I am not new to the city since I have been passing it every time James and I need to go to Oslob however, I haven't been able to visit the place. I am happy that I had the chance to visit it last weekend. Thanks to the changes made with my new work schedule and I am now able to enjoy my weekends.

At three o'clock, James and I rode on a mini bus going to Naga City which ran pretty fast and surprised when we stepped out because the old sports complex building is now the new Metro Market. Curious about how it looked inside, we went in and ate some snacks inside. The building is more of a grocery store but they also have some food stands inside, like most Metro Gaisano grocery stores.

We met Roxanne from Simple Yet Rock and claimed my prize as well. We had a little chat and since she is also on her way to SM, we bid our goodbyes and parted ways. We then took our time to enjoy the place. We didn't go any farther, we just focused on the main city itself. Here are the shots we took while roaming the area.

The City's Catholic Church lies in the highways which is very accessible to the Naganians. I was taking the picture from the other side of the road so the wires are very obvious. 

Entrance to the city's Bonifacio Park. Every December, they would decorate the area with lots of series lights for the Christmas season. I wonder if they'll gonna do it this year too.

Newly opened grocery store, Metro Market. I had noticed that Metro Gaisano had opened more branches this year. I guess they are dominating the towns in Cebu now.

I love Naga City's lamp posts. They have many lamp posts in the area with different designs and styles. This one is standing in the park where the fountain is also located.
Lovers under the beautiful and shady trees of the city. I love this place, the area has become a lovers' lane actually.

Aside from lovers, a number of male skate boarders were seen in the main park as well. They had set up they own props in the area, in fact they had some custom-made boards to hop in and do their stunts there.

There were a lot more views in the back part of the park where a big open field is sitting, their municipal office had also been transferred to the reclamation area and their sports complex is under construction. This time it is a much more bigger building, it looks like a circular building. The place has a lot of people hanging out there. There were band corps practicing, group of friends laughing their hearts out, family having their pick-nicks and a whole lot of variety of people sharing the one great scene of the sea and the distant factory.

It was a good day for the both of us, before we went back to the city, we dived into the coldness of Nestle's drumstick. I had my own Double dutch while James enjoyed his Choco Java. Yum yum!

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