Palm 8 Goes Magical

To eight years and more! 

One of our account managers had mentioned this last night during our account's eight anniversary party which was amazing because it's Fairytale Cosplay them. The party was held at Fort San Pedro and to feel the magic, most of the agents went to the party with their own wonderfully made costumes. There were fairies, Walt Disney fairy tale characters like Jasmine and Cinderella, movie characters like Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack Sparrow and Wonder woman herself as well,Japanese anime Sakura of Card Captor Sakura and even more.

The event started at almost seven, it was a special celebration since one of our clients made it to the party, there were couple of Webos Phones given to the agents which was one of the awaited parts. Thre were lots of food varieties unfortunately, I didn't like them much. They were just so-so. I didn't even finish what was in my plate. Good thing the deserts were there to fill up my stomach, specially the mango crepe though it was not that good compared to SM's Rock n' Roll Crepes.
Anyway, one of the highlights of the program was the showtime-inspired competition (Showtime is a late morning/noon-time variety show airing on ABS-CBN in the Philippines). There were three judges including our client and every team will showcase any talent they have while the judges will give their scores right after the performance. Since I was part of our team's dance production, I was not able to watch the other team's performances but while preparing for our turn, I heard some teams had sang a song, rapped and danced as well. Some had even played a comic skit. After the showdown, I realized my co-agents has more talent than just picking up the phones and answering our customers' needs. It was truly amazing that there three groups who won the second place and two teams got the first place!

Aside from the team competition, there were individuals as well like the Head Turner, Female and Male Face of the Night which went to Wonderwoman, Sakura of Card Captor Sakura and Jack Sparrow correspondingly. I would say they deserve the awards for the effort and money that they had spent for each of their costumes. 

lighted paper lanterns = beautiful view
The best part for me was actually the lighting of paper lanterns which I would consider as the most successful one compared to the past anniversaries. All lanterns went up and away lighted, indeed a nice view. I felt like we have wishes and prayers flown together with the lanterns or maybe past experiences that we had already let go together with the lighted lanterns. I would love to light lanterns again in the future, maybe I would do one on Christmas or on New Year instead of lighting some firecrackers.

The party ended with all of the people busy taking their photographs either group of individually. Everyone went out of the venue with smiles on their face. I believe each had truly a blast! Looking forward for another magical year with the account. 

More photos:
Palm Team
Dhowee as Tinkerbell, she found Peter Pan at the Party too!
Maricel as the black fairy, she's good at improvising, she made her own wings and wand!
Jasmine as Cinderella... pretty!
Evan Marie as Princess... nice dress, she portrayed Bella during their team performance.
Kurt as Freddie of the Elm St.
R to L: Purple Fairy, Sun Fairy, Little Red Riding Hood, Card Captor Sakura and Pink Fairy... There were more fairies at the party, they are just three of them
Wonderwoman meets Captain Jack Sparrow at the Party! Amazingly, these two won Head Turner and Male Face of the Night!
Maricel and Me during the Lighting of the Paper Lanterns... This is my favorite shot! To more paper lanterns!!!
Photo credits to Ryan Bagaporo and Joel Roy Albarracin

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