Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn First Part

The Twilight Saga has been a hit in the cinemas for over years and so the final chapter started with a first part last November 18, 2011. I am not too into twilight as much as I am with Vampire Diaries because of many reasons, one is because Damon Salvatore is just better than Edward Cullen, IMHO though. But I still watch the saga series since the first chapter and I also purchase its collectible stuffs just like the Limited Twilight Tumblers from Jollibee

And so yesterday, November 19, 2011 Philippine time, James and I together with my colleagues finally watched the said movie. Thanks to Ayala Cinema's sureseats, we never have to wait for that long lines to get our tickets. Cathy had already requested it online conveniently thru their website, and all we did at the Ayala Cinemas was to wait for 6:35pm. Since ASAP Rocks also had a show before the movie, we attempted to take a look but we were just so unfortunate that we reach Ayala Terraces with thousands of ASAP fans all over the area. We only saw Marky Strome, the G-Force and Bugoy Drillon from a far. Worse was when we were on out way to the cinema, we almost experience stampede. Anyway, we were still lucky we came out of the crowd safe.

And 6:35 had come, ten of us seated inside cinema 2 while Tanya and his partner have to wait for 7:10 since they had purchased their tickets late.

The movie started with Jacob taking off his shirt revealing his muscular body and made the ladies shout their lungs out. The movie revolves around Edward and Bella's wedding, their honeymoon and Bella getting pregnant afterwards. I am not sure if vampires can really do that as what the characters never thought of but it happened. I would say Bella's wedding gown was sexy from the back.

They went to Rio after the wedding for their honeymoon where a lot of kissing scenes happened. We were laughing with how their bed came out after they made love that first night. Then Bella became pregnant and became ugly and skinny. She was carrying a baby girl whom can't be seen on ultrasounds but sure had made Bella ill. The baby looked like killing her, eating all what she have from the inside. Then soon, they found out that the baby wants blood and that's the start of Bella drinking blood.

The scene were Bella had broke her back until they took the baby out from her stomach was very gruesome for me. Well, the baby came out healthy and very beautiful made Jacob fall for her instead. On the other hand, Bella stopped breathing while Edward was trying all he can to bring her to life. All of them thought she is dead.

The first part ended with Bella returning back to life, with a pretty face and as a vampire.

I have heard that the second part will be about the battle between the vampire groups and queleute tribes which will be released on November 16, 2012.

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