Are You For Coffee or Sikwate?

When I was younger, my family has this habit of spending our early Sunday morning at the local market, each of us has our own plate of puto maya (sticky rice cooked in coconut milk and ginger) and a drink that accompanies it, the sikwate (hot chocolate) is it's everlasting partner.

I realized that this kind of habit had somehow made a strong bond between our family. When I reached college, we never had spent much doing this. I recalled going to the newly remodeled local market and dine with my parents during a  rainy Sunday last year when I had my long vacation [read here] but never with all the six of us.

Then last March 2, 2012 out of the blue, my father asked for it. He might had missed those old times since my two older brothers were about to fly to Dubai that day. Since I woke up early, I was invited in. We were in Tagbilaran City that time so we have to roam around the city to find one. Gladly, we found one in front of the city's plaza just right next to the public tennis court. 

This made Papa miss playing tennis...
We were seated at the second floor so we have this view from above.
I ordered one plate of puto maya while the parents ordered three. For its accompaniment, I ordered a cup of coffee. Mom, on the other hand ordered sikwate and I was kidding her she should get coffee instead since the hot chocolate can cause high blood. She shook her head as a sign of disagreement. She said she love to eat the puto with the everlasting sikwate on it. And that ends our argument. Papa was our mediator, he took anything left from us. Teehee...

Their puto is good, I like it because I can sense the ginger on it and it was cooked perfectly well.

And here is the best way to eat the puto maya :
Yes! Pour some white sugar and some scoops of sikwate or coffee on top, deliciouso!!!
Milk with coffee... <3
So, how do you like your puto maya with, coffee or sikwate?

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