The Best Kinilaw Na Tangigue Tasted at JJ's

We first thought of not dining at JJ's Mandarin Restaurant because we heard their food is costly, yet before we checked out of the JJ's Seafood Village after my brothers flew to Dubai, the resto seemed to be calling us. It was so inviting that we didn't have the chance to say no, our stomachs were giving in to the thought of the food inside.

So we were the first customers as they are opened at 11am and our check out time is 12noon. We made it a point to dine first before going home.

As we were on tight budget and were just there to try their cuisine, we selected those that we thought are familiar to our taste buds. The parents chose our viands anyway since they will pay afterwards.

picture picture
And here they are after ten to fifteen minutes of waiting time:
Noodle Soup 
Beef-something... forgot the actual dish name
Lemon Chicken
The Ultimate Kinilaw na Tangigue
We paid more than two thousand for our meal. Pretty expensive for average people like us, we then had paid the experience we were looking for. All servings were medium sized, they have this size distinction by small, medium and large. The medium serving was just enough for four to five persons.

Food was great specially the kinilaw na tangigue. I believe it was the best of its kind that I had tasted so far. The attendant though was acting like it was his first; he was spilling out our noodle soup while serving it. There isn't any thing special with the other dishes though.
Inside JJ's Mandarin Restaurant
I had a great time with the family and that I hope they will lower down their banana fruit price. It was worth Php 15 each. The place was a so-so, the Pino restaurant was way better in terms of the utensils and stuff.

Overall, we had burped to our fullness and we reached home safe and sound.

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