How To Pay Your Cebu Pacific Tickets With Your BDO Debit Card

With BDO internet banking, you don't have to have a credit card to get your tickets paid online or any other online transactions. Let me show you how I paid my Cebu Pacific Tickets online without using a credit card.

There's an ongoing seat sale on Cebu pacific air today, perfect timing since I need to get my family plane tickets for my cousin's wedding on September.

Here's how:

1. Book a ticket. Visit Cebu Pacific's website, make sure to select Payment centers on payment mode. Save a copy or simply print your booking confirmation number.

2. Log in to your BDO internet banking account {}.

BDO's internet banking has a cool and friendly user interface.

You might want to check your balance before paying your bill.

3. Click pay bills.

You will be routed to a page similar to the following.
Tick on Show Company/Biller not requiring enrollment.

4. Fill neccessary fields.
a. Select the account you want to use for the payment.
b. Select Cebu Pacific Air, Inc on company/biller, again, make sure you had clicked on the show company/biller not requiring enrollment.
c. Enter due amount on Amoung, leave remarks blank.
d. Enter confirmation number (14 digits) in Subscriber No.
e. Enter your complete name in subscriber name and the due amount on transaction amount.

Submit and you're almost done!

5. Are you sure you want to proceed?
Continue if you see this message, if something's wrong with the info entered, you'll get a error warning however, a confirmation page will show up with a reference number if transaction is successful just like the one below.
Wait for 24-48 hours for payment confirmation on email!

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