Juicy Cheeseburger at A Cup of Joe

In a small corner inside Bohol Quality mall lays a coffee shop named A Cup of Jo. When James and I went home to Bohol for my brothers' “despideda party”, we went to the said mall searching for a light breakfast since we reached Tagbilaran almost nine in the morning. Then again, we searched for something new so we went to this noticeably lonely corner. No one's around yet, we understand the mall just opened a couple of minutes ago.

So we scanned through their menu, they have their special Bean Burrito and American Hotdog yet both were unavailable so we ended up with a single cup of cappuccino and cheese burger.

Cappuccino at Php 65 and Cheeseburger at Php 50
The burger was really delicious. I never expect that it would taste that good. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sauce was in melody. I haven't eaten something like that. McDonalds’ and Jollibee's should be ashamed with their burgers.

I must say I had found the burger of my life. Eating it with utensils was a no no, won't give justice to its yumminies. I personally sank my fangs on it merrily using my bare hands! How was that? I strongly suggest you do it that way too! Eating burger with hands adds taste to what you’re eating of course!

After my heavenly breakfast, I swore I will come back for another tasty, juicy and meaty cheeseburger!

View from outside
Lady coffee maker...
Side view from outside...

Location: BQ Mall, 6300 Tagbilaran City, Philippines
Phone: 09098822142

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