Virgin Island's Cool Clear Blue Waters

Part of our itinerary during our visit to Bantayan Island was to visit some islets around, it's called island hopping. The deal was worth Php 2500 for the boat which has been settled a few weeks from the said date.

After we had our breakfast at one of the carenderias (eateries) in the market place, we went right away to the boat with our lunch composed of Lechon prepared by the resort worth Php 4500 and puso (hanging rice) worth Php 500.

Virgin Island is 20-30 minute ride from Budyong Beach, the boat was kind of slow though but we enjoyed the kingfishers flying around the boat and fetching some fish at the same time.

photo courtesy by Dhowee
Entrance fee was at Php 500 for the first five people then Php 50 for the rest. Small shaded picnic tables were worth Php 50 per stay. There were two other available cottages so we made use of them during our stay, good thing nobody else rented it.

The waters were really clear blue, the shorelines were not too long but once you dive in, you'll feel that the waters go deep even if you're just a few meters away from the shore. In Cebuano, we call it Kantilado.
The island has no electricity or even water system. We regret not bringing any ice when we get there, our drinks were as hot as the weather. The ice were bought from Sta. Fe and were worth Php 5 each!

There's a small store in the island where our friends bought some liquors and some cigarettes. I noticed that they have a lot of big mud jars and found out later that these were their water containers. Comfort rooms were just used for changing clothes or for a pee, you need to fetch salt water for flushing though.
just some of the many huge jars at Virgin Island
James enjoyed snorkeling in the waters of virgin island since there were many fishes small and big freely swimming in the area. He said there were big danggits too, these are the fishes which Bantayan is most known of. He ended up with sunburn on his whole back.

We went back to the island at almost four, we didn't go to any other island anymore since everyone was dying to go back for some cold and refreshing halo-halo.

More Photos:
The other side's a bit gloomy, it was a really hot day!
pictorial session
more pictorials, the ladies and the boy bodies
you can play volleyball in the shoreline too just as long as you can endure the heat!
i wonder how it feels to be living there.

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