Doctor Fish Eats My Skin

Guess who were our company's visitors this week?
Nibble fishes in the house yo! I had learned about this unique treatment where doctor fishes would suck on your feet. But don't freak out because they won't go to eat the entire flesh but would only dine on the dead ones which we don't want any more of course.

These are the benefits of letting these little creatures take part of the largest part of our body:

  • natural and organic exfoliation
  • promotes softer and more supple skin
  • thinning of calluses
  • increases blood circulation 
  • lightens dark tones scars
  • rejuvenates skin
  • boosts overall well-being
I had known this but never really had the guts to try it out; I was thinking that they might eat my entire feet! Just kidding! My colleague was persistent to try it out and I agreed without hesitation, in my mind I thought this is the perfect time to give it a shot. The Cebu Fish Spa is the first authentic fish spa in Cebu and I learned that the cute creatures are the Garra Ruffa fish or also called doctor fish imported from Malaysia. We were entertained by the attendants who though sleepy were very eager to share what these fishes do to our feet.

With Darwin, thanks to Ate who took this photo!
The ever enthusiastic ate (older woman) told us that these treatment started when a wounded Malaysian dipped his leg to a pool where the fishes started nibbling on his feet, he then noticed his wounds to heal faster, then the rest was history.

She said that what they have here are just sample treatments. It would be best if we would visit them at their location to experience the actual one where hundreds if not a thousand doctor fishes work on nibbling your feet. Some had also tried dipping their whole body though, I can't imagine anyone doing it anyway but who knows, it might be true.

So, how did I feel? I felt being tickled, I felt every shall I say bite by the fishes which was very fast and fine. I was hanging my feet for fifteen minutes, it was necessary to do so so that they can get to my feet soles. They love it there; I guess I have a lot of dead skin at that part since most of them were gathering under my feet. Teehee... And what’s so nice is that I can sense their movements, it was a soothing feeling! This made me think of doing the same with our fish at home but we have Ice Blues and White Tails which I guess will hide once I place any of my body parts inside their home. Anyway, after the treatment, it was pretty obvious that my feet become smoother, the dark skin on my pinky toes were lighter. I had the same feeling when I had my foot spa at Juvel's but that one was with a higher price.
They are coming!!!
By the way, the 15-minutes season was worth Php 75. Ate said it would cost us Php 150 for a 30 minutes session at their spa and Php 100 for the 15-minute but we will enjoy it much much more because of the number of fishes. We only had enjoyed I guess a forty to fifty of them since it was just a promo.

I shared my experience with James and he was very jealous! He wants to try it too! I guess I'm gonna have my second time soon! Excited much for better photos!!!

Location: The Forum Building 
Aarchbishop Reyes Ave. Lahug, cebu city
Email Address:
Telephone Number: 513-3474
Cellphone Number: 09053160465
Visit their Facebook Page

Eat me!!!

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