We Found A 500 Year Old Boholana

Look what James and I found at the Bohol National Museum. It's a dead woman's skeletal system! First time to see a whole dead human's skeletal system intact!
The label in front states:

A 500 Year Old Boholana was recovered in May 1970 at the pre-spanish burial site in Mansasa, City of Tagbilaran Bohol by the archeological excavation project of the University Museum, Ateneo de Manila University in collaboration with the National Museum.
The truth is, there were a couple of skulls inside the museum, I wondered if they might be my ancestors or something.

Front view
Whole body view
Though a bit scared, we managed to make fun of those skulls. Check this out:
with the all other skulls
While most people dream of stepping to Bohol because of the famous Chocolate Hills, I would suggest visiting the museum would be listed on their tour site list so those foreigners would know the old Bohol.

We found a lot of interesting stuff inside the museum, it is just a small one floor space with an unfinished white painting inside. In fact, there were still workers inside, doing some final paints for the door area. I had been to this museum before during my secondary year.

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