K of C is Tagbilaran City's Lovers' Lane

After we spent three hours in JJ's Seafood Village's swimming pool, we headed towards this historical place just near the resort. Historical because mama said this is where they (our parents) spent time with each other before. It was here that they had made their commitments and had almost spent all their dates when they were in college.

I was amazed by her story and so I dragged everyone of us to visit the place too! Though Kuya Jonas was already sleepy, he had no choice but to change and get his butt off.

There was a Php10 entrance fee to get in the vicinity, mama said before it was still for free. There were arrays of lights through out the end of the port like place. The lights added beauty I must say, there are semi-cemented seats as well on each lamp posts. Mama and Papa kept on comparing it with the old one. Said it is much prettier today yet there are a lot of hard liquors sold while before, there were only plain peanuts and the yummy balut. My brothers went in finding for balut but they never found one. We met one of our cousins there too with his friend.

The family at K of C
The K of C stands for Knight of Columbos and I could compare it to Cebu's Plaza Independencia minus the luxury of space. It is a place for barkadas, families too and lovers of course. It has been first a lovers lane since my parents' time and so as today.

You will get to see the beauty of Tagbilaran Port on its right side and the wonderful lights of the bridge to Panglao Island on its left. Though there are a lot of youngsters drinking on the vicinity, I can say that it is still a quiet and peaceful place. Thanks to the group of police who were also there to observe the area.

If you happen to be in Tagbilaran City, try to visit this place. I am not sure of their business hours though but I guess the guards will keep the gates opened as long as there are people inside.

The K of C road
View of Tagbilaran port from K of C
Lovers' Collage at the lovers' lane

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