Beef Bean and Cheese Burrito at A Cup of Jo

Before James and I head back to Cebu last Sunday, I kept on insisting for another round of good cheeseburger at A Cup of Jo inside BQ mall in Tagbilaran City. I posted how good their cheeseburgers before and I can't get enough of it. While on our way, all that's on my mind was the yummy meaty cheeseburger I savored my mouth with last Friday. I was bragging it with my brothers before they flew to Dubai and with my parents while we were having a fun time at K of C.

James finally gave in and so we spent 40 minutes of our time to the small coffee house. While I ordered the same lovely Cheeseburger, James got himself their best seller Beef Bean and Cheese Burrito, he was having colds so he ordered their calamansi juice. I ordered the same drink too.

The  Beef Bean and Cheese Burrito  was spicy, I couldn't say that it's not good since it was my first time to eat one. I guess the spiciness had dominated and so I wasn't able to figure out what it was made of. James on the other hand, enjoyed it anyway with his calamansi juice.

While I was kind of dissapointed, why? Because my cheeseburger looks different from before. The meat was obviously not cooked right. There was an obvious difference between the thickness of the patties and the taste, there was someting missing. I was so sad that I was still able to finish it all despite the disappointment. Haha!

It saddens me that the taste had changed, maybe because of the cook who had prepared it. This time, a gentleman prepared and served it, it was a lady who did it before.  And one more thing, there were no more side dish veggies though James' Burrito has. Though I was not satisfied, James think it is still tasty and juicy so we will surely comeback if given the chance, maybe to share the experience with my family soon.

By theway, compared to the first time we visited the place, there were a lot of customers this time and this might had something to do with the change of taste. I later found out the owner of this coffee house also owns the Bol-anong Painitan.

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