Barili Tour For Carlo's Day

To a photographer and a traveler, celebrating the date of birth in the clear blue waters of Barili's Sayaw Sayaw beach and in the rushing waters of Mantayupan falls with a quick side track at Milk Station and ending the day at the pool of Ramos' rest house is indeed the best and the most unforgettable birthday ever.

I would rather spend my big day as such but it was not my birthday nor my anniversary day but Carlo's. I on the other hand was very lucky to be a part of this event because I got to add another place in my travelling experience. An addition to my monthly goal: to go to a place I never been before.

Last week was Tanya's impromptu birthday celebration, impromptu because we never planned it compared to Carlo's yet it was Tanya's unforgettable birthday. According to her thank you message, we made her special day extra special and that her memory won't ever forget it. While it was an unplanned event, Carlo's birthday was planned since Monday, the 13th. We first thought of going to my ever longed Kawasan Falls but since it was still closed; we need to find another place out. Then by Wednesday, we considered Tera Mana which most of the group had disagreed of and the next day we agreed to go to Moalboal but Darwn wouldn't agree. We were hopeless as to the success of the birthday plan but by Saturday, the night before the said day; we made up our mind and decided to go to Barili specifically in Sayaw sayaw beach.

We started the day very early, by Dhory's help, Carlo's partner we came to his residence at five in the morning and surprised him with a cake. We had a new __ - to break an egg on the celebrant's head. Carlo was innocent on this surprise, good thing he was in the comfort room when we arrived and that we were able to prepare ourselves before he came out.
Ready for the great trip!
Shared the cake with the rest of Caloy's family while we rested for awhile before the start of the great trip. At six, we took off and started the big day event.
In Sayaw sayaw beach, Barili Cebu
Mantayupan Falls
Ramos' Rest House Beach shore in Car car City
Beach to Waterfalls to Milk Station's Ice-cream to Pool - all in a day. Whole day long extravagant road trip with our own motorcycles and now we had come up with our team name - moTour bikers. It was named because we usually tour around Cebu with our bikes. Of course, our own Mia was present!
At the Molave Milk Station

How do you find our group's name?

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