Mouthful Week For Team Spankers

Eating at an expensive food place without spending a cent is one of the beauties of working in a BPO company. The company spends some amount on each employee quarterly so he or she can go out either visit a new place, spend time with their teams on a team social session or either eat on some expensive “slash” eat all you can restaurant. 

Because of the account support change which I had gone through last four months ago, I was not able to use my second and third quarter budgets and so are my colleagues and so, my ex-lead got our entire budget and resulted to a very big big sum of money. Our team was called the Team Spankers by the way for no exact reason why it's named that way.

We first planned our team building and decided to go to Moalboal, my dear friend Darwin’s home town and we were very much thrilled about the thought of going out of town until our ex-lead busted that huge bubble dream because of unforeseen circumstances. That may be heart breaking but our stomach become full because of it, why? Because we ended up having allocating the budget for food instead, boy we had filled our stomachs with gladness!

PIZZA – the opening salvo. These pizzas are affordably delicious and yes the team agreed to have a box on each of us. It was last Friday shift, not all of us were present but the others understand and we proceed with ordering eight boxes of pizza. I ordered the beef and mushroom flavor though I had a love about mushrooms; there was something on that box that never made me love it that much anymore. Instead, I found out one great flavor that Alberto’s Pizza is advertising – Ham and Egg. 

P.S. Alberto’s Pizza now accepts credit card as payments for online transactions, they do delivery without minimum orders.
LAGUNA  GARDEN CAFÉ– the ULTIMO ALMUERZO. After-shift lunch out with the team, sadly we were not complete once again yet, we can’t resist the food we have on the table top. Laguna Garden Café  is located in Ayala Terraces – Ayala Cebu. It was a bummer when James brought me my camera but had no memory card on it! I was a major loser that day; these pictures are all grabbed from my colleague friend. It was the seafood platter that captured me the most. 
KFC FULLY LOADED MEAL – BEFORE WE END. After dining at an exquisite food chain, we almost thought the budget has been all consumed but we were actually wrong because we still had enough money to get all of us with a KFC fully loaded meal Twister! I really love this meal because of the added Twister. KFC’s twister is like a Shawarma minus the onions with added ripe mango inside. When I first tasted it, felt like heaven! Then we didn’t have Twister alone but we also each had our own choice of mini-krusher! I had strawberry and it tasted soo good that I want to have more.

PANDESAL WITH CHEESE PALAMAN – the END. Since we still had money left, we then spent it with a bunch of Pandesal from Pan De Manila paired with cheese palaman. It was indeed a stomach-full week for us and even if we didn’t enjoy our money for an out of town trip, we all had fun when we all ate together.

Gladly, we can still join another team building getaway with our new teams this time. I am looking forward for an out of town on the next few days.

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