Dancing at Sayaw Sayaw Beach

photo courtesy of Carlo Ella
Literally, we had some dancing in Sayaw-Sayaw beach in Sayaw, Barili as a start of Caloy's whole day birthday celebration. Almost an hour by motorcycle travel and we had a glimpse of the crystal clear sea waters of the said beach. Prior to getting there, we had seen the beautiful view of an unknown port, I sometimes think that was Toledo's but most of my companions disagree.

Can't really say that the beach is perfect but it had indeed good waters, nice sea air breeze and polite people. Had read a blog about this beach and its mysteriously caves but we didn't had the chance to wander the caves because they were already restricted, for reasons I never was told of.

Still the waters was inviting that swimming was not enough to enjoy the place. And so we came up with dancing in it. To the tune of the famous What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, a synchronized swimming emerged. Dancing, swimming, laughing, jumping, eating. A video will had just risen and will definitely hit the online community.

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