Melting Ice Cream at Molave Milk Station

My taste buds can't help but crave when the group talked about this station somewhere in Barili where ice cream made from pure cow milk is being sold. It is unusual though to find something like this in a province but it looks like the said town is quiet full of natural wonders, from beautiful beaches like the Sayaw Sayaw Beach to high waterfalls, the Mantayupan Falls then to ranches full of animals such as cows.

A few minute ride from Mantayupan falls and we found ourselves on this vehicle packed area, in my mind I thought this was a cockfighting arena but I was definitely wrong. The place's label says: Molave Milk Station. I instantly realized that this was what Caloy has been talking about, about tasty ice creams made of pure cow milk. I was indeed very surprised by the numerous visitors who were sitting in the benches and enjoying their own cone of ice creams or those cup ones. Aside from Ice cream, they offer fresh milks too and pizzas! You would never think something like this is present on an area like this.

James was already hungry when we arrived there so he was looking for some heavy meal and not just some desserts and alas, they have their own stall for siomai and ngoyong.
Their ice cream flavors are as follows, mango, ube, pandan. A cone or cup is good for Php 25. I prefer in cone while James ordered the cup because he need to finish his lunch first. I noticed that the ice cream melted very fast that we need to eat it as fast as we can. I finished mine in about three or five minutes and I got to ask more from James while he ate his meal. Teehee… Their fresh milks are being sold for Php 25 per bottle.

If you happen to visit the southern part of Cebu, never miss this place!

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