Earthquake Before August Ends

So just a few minutes ago, the Philippines had just experienced a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. I was wide awake even though it was already time for me to sleep. The event somehow made me feel good on staying up late since I got to witness my room wiggling. I was first thinking of the Blue Moon but things shifted instantly because of the earth's shaking.

There's just one thing that I would love to ask each reader of mine, what was the first thing you grabbed when the earthquake started? 

My cellular phone, I grabbed it as soon as I felt the shaking. I was listening to some OPM Original Pinoy Music while scrolling down to see more of my Facebook wall when I heard my neighbors shouting then I just started feeling dizzy. I stopped the music and started saying "in Jesus name!" then immediately took my phone. The faith had stayed in me and I never really left my seat until the shaking stopped. I know God is in control.

I rechecked Facebook and woah, the hashtag earthquake had trended! It is  just amazing that people had first thought of Facebook before anything else even on times like this. I too had posted my update because I was not able to contact my parents and James, thinking they might somehow be online and get my update. Thank God they were all safe.

Great welcome for the start of Christmas season!

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