Road Trip Via Dumaguete

It was an over-the-week plan, weather was acting up a bit when James, Darwin and I were on our way to the southern part of Cebu. We used the South Road Properties to avoid traffic yet strong winds had welcomed us there. Darwin was afraid of how this trip would go on considering the weather, I on the other-hand felt heartbrokened yet James was strong willed, he had the positive vibes even after we forgot to fuel up our vehicle and yet we needed to turn back to our route.

As we went back towards the high way roads, the rain poured out. In my mind, God was maybe giving us a sign to turn back and return home but in my heart I felt pursuance, so off we went when the rain slowly stopped. It was three in the afternoon when we moved our way, wet and tired because we had just gone out of work.

Surprisingly, the next city had no traces of rain, not even a single drop of it until we reached Oslob where the gentle giants reside.

Our trip to Dumaguete was once more tested when we missed the six oclock barge trip in Liloan Port in Santander. James begging to the barge officers did not help, Darwin arrived five minutes after the barge took off.

So off we go to Bato port for the 7:30pm trip, it was just a five minute drive from Liloan port and yes, we were very early for the next trip so we killed time by a photoshoot session but not the professional type. Then it continued until we almost dock at Tampi port Negros Occidental. It was an advantage that both Liloan and Bato ports have the same Maayo Shipping. Round trip with our motorcycles is worth Php 304.

It was our first long drive with our Mia, we travelled through familiarity. Thanks to the kuya, we could have been lost without his help towards Dumaguete City.

Don and Tanya then met us at the heart of Dumaguete City, the city I fell in love with the same month last year. The city of gentle people welcomed me once more.

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