The True Beauty of Valencia

Our dear Mia was very strong during our Dumaguete adventure, though it was her first long travel, she had endured the tiring trip, she had wandered on the lands of Dumaguete and Valencia as well, never did she had complained throughout the exploration. Right after the encounter with the Oozing Mount Talinis, I had just realized what Valencia has that other Negros Oriental towns didn't acquire – Water. Indeed, water was actually flowing everywhere. I saw it coming out from the mountains, the rock walls, the rivers, the soil beds and everywhere. It was a day full of water falling from here and anywhere. We had explored and played along with four waterfalls that day.

Unknown falls – this was the first falls we found and yet we found it just on the road side. Quite and still, the Unknown Falls continued to lay there, all sort of land vehicles travel on that land yet they never had noticed this wonderful work of heavens. It was slim and at rest, didn’t create even a single sound of though water was pouring, the waters was flowing gently on smooth rocks and soil then goes to a tunnel turned to the big water banks – the sea. The sun was shining brightly from above and the temperature was boiling up yet the waters coming from the Unknown falls was cold, cold enough to get all of our spines chilled as we felt the waters running on our feet. Our two little companions, Ken and Mai2x were not able to help themselves and immediately laid their bodies for the water to fall down them. Pure happiness and enjoyment filled the place, their giggles made me miss childhood once again.

We loved to stay but there was bigger wonders waiting for us and so we moved along, we were partly wet that time. We knew it was too early to be contented with what we first saw. I just had seen the second waterfalls all my life and I am about to see the third one which was the second falls in Valencia.

Little did I know that Valencia has this huge waterfalls, I can’t comprehend the joy I had felt when we arrived at the Red River Valley Waterfalls where the three other waterfalls of my life resides.
Going there was a bit exciting and adventurous at the same time, we went on cemented roads, and then went up to a hilly like rocked filled land then to a ten meter bridge made of coconut trunk and bamboo woods. On our way to the Red River Valley, I noticed that the rock walls have a lot of holes on it and water as well was flowing on those holes! This place was really blessed with waters, the people in this town had no problem about what they will use in washing or drinking because their local government had made a water system out of these falls and had been supplying the whole town with water. Don told us that they would only pay a couple of bucks for their water consumption.
This is the initial post about the waterfalls of Valencia Negros Oriental, on the next article; I will show you how the waterfalls of Red River Valley had awed me. For now, check these photos we took when we were on our way to the Red River Valley Waterfalls.
Welcome banner for Red River Valley Waterfalls visitors
A beautiful scene before reaching the Red River Valley Waterfalls

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