Oozing Mount Talinis

When I think of Dumaguete City, I would always have Rizal Boulevard in mind. The romantic lights would always attract me and it keeps on making me crave to come back again and it's the main reason why I immediately agreed to go by the time Tanya asked me last week.

Tanya's residence is in Talay, just a 10 minute ride from Dumaguete City and Don on the otherhand is in Valencia, town after Dumaguete. I never imagined that his hometown has more to offer. And indeed I had met an oozing volcano in Mount Talinis, more than 15 minute ride from Tanya's home.

Going up there is not that tough, nor that steep either. Some parts of the road are not cemented but are cool enough when travelled. The damage made by last year's bagyong Sendong was very severe that made the rivers widened and most buildings had been destroyed too. Huge rocks were washed into rivers, water running strong fast along those rivers made me wonder how the much harder those were during the typhoon.

But eventhough that was the initial scene we saw, those damages never left Valencia bare or even boring at all. Looking up on the hills signify victory after the battle, waters coming from the mountains are signs of hope and new beginnings and the huge rocks thrown out which had been combined became a beauty in disguise.

It was my first encounter with a volcano, smoke were coming out from each single crack or opening in the mountain. I never imagined that it was a volcano until Tanya said so. The main core of the Mount Talinis is situated in the other end of the mountain, this isn't an active volcano, thank goodness! I saw lava-like land underneath the mountains. Soil turned maroon red and had provided healthy land to the town.
Going near to the base of the mountain was a brave act we made, though we can't feel that much heat, we surely had smelled the acidic-sulfuric type of scent.

It was just the start of our adventure and I had more first times as we moved on.

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