Road Trip: Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls lies in Barili, Cebu. The said falls had just experienced some miracle lately when it had drained out due to some sinkhole but gladly, it had recovered and now it's back on service. While I was just able to see it in the news, I never thought it could be that high and huge until I got to see it for myself. The height was very overwhelming that being near it is a must do. We have to get near the base of the falls, now or never.

After the photo shoot session, of course the trip will never be documented without those pictures so it's the first to-do thing before eloping with the waters. So right after that we gathered our things in one single place and cover them with towels and jackets. Area doesn't have that much place to stay on though there were umbrellas planted on the sideways, the soils were not that accommodating as well, slimy and rocky. It's hard to look for a spot to secure our things, we first thought of getting to the corners but there were waters coming from the falls and we were too afraid our things might be carried by it. So we ended in the hot rocky part of the place where no one opted to stay because it doesn’t have any shade on it.

Numerous Koreans and other foreign bloods were in there with us, some were busy barbequing and some eating their “baons” or packed lunch while most were soaking in the waters, feeling cold and merely staying in the shallow parts. We want adventure that point that staying in the shores is not a good idea.

Samson's Hair found at Mantayupan Falls entrance area.
So up we went but once we step on the soil beds, we wanted to puke because we felt like stepping on sh*t. Yeah, the soil was very slimy, soft and very unendurable aside from that, the waters was very cold. We immediately looked for some rocks to hold on and stand on too but we couldn't avoid stepping on the disgusting soils. I don't want to recall the feeling though.

The waters' pressure while it falls down from the highest height was enticing that simply looking at it from the shallow parts was out of our minds, yet the waters deep in the next few meters from where we were standing. The boys were able to swim almost near the base and so I went on swam next to them, the others were left but since they felt like they can't go on any further, they went back and rented some life jackets for Php 10.

A thick rope was placed in the deepest and nearest part of the falls to inform us that this is the farthest we can go, getting nearer is not allowed and that's the saddest part. Unlike the famous Kawasan falls where one can experience the feeling of the water massage, as they say, here we can just say it's for our eyes only. Yet we were able to feel the anguish rush of water as it bounces back after it falls.
So near yet so far, these guys are swimming just a couple of feet away from us but the waters look so high.
I couldn't focus my eyes to look at the tip of the falls because the waters spilling very hard. We even joked about the brownish color that this is because at the top, there are Carabaos and other kinds of animals pouring their dirt down low. No blue water and that made me want to crave for Kawasan again, I have seen photos of its blue greenish waters and the water massage experience while being carried by some rattan-made water vehicle which reminds me of early childhood.

Mantayupan falls is not good for long stays I should say. It's good to pay a visit but staying long is not recommended because aside from the view, nothing more can be done there but I would always consider a town blessed if they have their own waterfalls just like Valencia in Negros Oriental.

I got to see countable number of waterfalls now on the same year! More waterfalls and or natural beauty coming my way!

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