Waterfalling in Red River Valley

Is it just me or there's really a mystery hidden in the waterfalls?

I lived in a province where I thought waterfalls didn't exist, that these wondrous gifts of nature can only be seen outside the country and that it would take me all my treasures to be able to see and experience myself how it would feel underneath those free flowing waters. All of these assumptions were erased when I started to travel and explore other places, I should say that to work in a BPO company had really helped me go to different areas around the region and made me crave more travelling. Then I came up to this life's goal to go to a place I haven't been to once a month.

And so I am blessed to have friends who are from Negros Oriental who helped me discover and experience the three amazingly wonderful waterfalls of Malabo, Valencia’s Red River Valley.

These white ducks welcomed us there!
For just Php 10 per person, we were given admission inside the area. It was still ten in the morning, the area was not at all populated and I could count the number of heads who were swimming in an open pool where the water comes from the waterfall itself. From where we parked our vehicles, the biggest waterfall of the three Red River Valley waterfalls was visible. Excitedly, we jumped to our feet and immediately set up our cameras for a pause. The RRV management had made a rail of metal seats where visitors can sit down and take their photographs with the waterfall as the background view. It was majestic and I can tell how hard the water current was from where we were situated. We were like kilometers away from the majestic body.
The main event at the background
For us to see the second waterfall, we need to go to the second level by stairs. The pool is also located there together with some mini waterfalls too. Then go trekking towards the base of the falls. Water was very cold but after awhile, it seemed too had disappeared. Good thing about it is that the water on the base of the falls is just four feet deep. We enjoyed the second falls for more than thirty minutes, we couldn't help thinking that there's a greater thing ahead, the main event perhaps and so we jumped out of the waters and trekked down towards the third waterfalls in red river valley.
Oh I love this!
Stones and rocks of different sizes were our path towards the next stop. It was a hundred meters away or so from the second waterfall and from where we were standing prior to walking down the rocky road; we could fell the water's rage as it was rashly flowing down below. I saw some visitors standing from the base of the waterfalls and they were like having the best of their lives. They can't go near the rushing waters maybe because of the current, we were very excited to go near the falls but our stomachs were all calling out for some food so we sat on the huge rocks near the waterfalls and ate our lunch.
Trekking down to the main event.
It was such a beautiful view ahead of us while we were sharing our packed lunch. We finished in a flashed; it was like eating peanuts just because we can't wait to get near its base. Little did I know how hard it was to go near it, the water's current would push me towards the deeper part and it would be hard to go back if in case, so we stayed away from it. Yet the boys were having a good time and went behind the waterfalls, they said it was cool there which made me long to go there but the path was very difficult to go through because it was steep and slimy so I was forced to stay from where I was and just went on taking our photos.
Water bending fun playing
On our way back, we got captured by the mini falls, we toured the entire place up to the third level and we discovered one more mini falls where we killed time taking photographs while playing with the waters. Feeling the rush behind my back was like a massage and I loved it.

They said there are yet to be discovered in Negros Oriental and I can't wait to see them all! This just mean that I will still be seeing you again, Dumaguete!

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