Thanksgiving, Anniversary and Christmas Party all in one!

This was my last Christmas Party for this year, I have joined four Christmas Parties this year including My Team's, Sykes', PlanetBiz' and GCBC's just yesterday, Decenmber 26, 2010. This event is quite special for me because I had grown up with this kind of even every year and this year, it is our church's 20th anniversary. Since I was a child, I would always attend this, I just missed one time last year because of my work. But I am happy this year because I was able to take a vacation leave and attended the said event.

Things had change since the last time that I had attended it, first is the time, ever since before the event would usually start at either 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon but yesterday, it started early at 10:00 in the morning. A Sunday service started the event

After the service, lunch was served and was prayed over by Nong Nestor.

Games were played between children and the youth (Young ones).

The Children's games made the audiences applaud, laugh and shout. Parents were all excited about their children on the spot playing. Winners and the losers still received prizes!

They played two games, first was the most common Trip to Jerusalem and the other one was a bit challenging, Verse Arrangement.

We also had our exchanging gifts and the most exciting part was the raffle draw. Exciting prizes awaited for the last three, no not just three but six! I can still remember before, the raffle draw only gives three prizes but now, there were already six persons who can get their prizes if their names will be picked last.

Luckily, these are the people who were lucky enough to be picked last!

From left to right: Nang Tata for the first prize, Manong Allan, second prize, a guest from Ubay, third prize, Nong Pedot, fourth, Nong Greg, Fifth and Melcris sixth prize!

The said event ended at almost 6 in the afternoon or shall I say night? Every one also had brought with them their "Bring Home", lols...

I could say that the event was a success! Blessed and full of God's Grace and Mercy. His faithfulness endures forever and ever. Until next year!

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