A Christmas Surprise from Paypal

Surprised today when I received Paypal's email about my limited account. As what you all know with my Limited Paypal Account post and My Sad Paypal Story, I have funds on my account that I was unable to withdraw due to the limitations. These limitations are about my account information; they said they need more papers or proofs that I am legible to have one. Paypal said it would take 180 days for me to withdraw the funds, so that would be six months of waiting. But surprisingly, Paypal has been very gracious, I am still on my fourth month but just this morning, I received an email from them, check it out:

So what would you expect of me? I immediately logged in to my Paypal account, it was like a second process and there I was, facing the screen that shows my withdrawal page. I don't have a lot of funds but that was money out of James' hard work with his online job so we really need to withdraw it.

Thank God I was able to add my UnionBank account before so its one of the choices there. I selected it and then click on the withdraw button. I received the receipt right away as an email:

This would usually run for two to four days but as what James told me with his experience, it only took a day and he got his money right then and there. So I am expecting to get it by Thursday or Friday this week, hopefully!

Well then, thanks again Paypal and Merry Christmas!!!

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