Dreaming again

I have been dreaming on this repeatedly for a couple of times...

I don't work on a call center anymore, I don't have eye bags anymore and I can see myself driving a Mitsubishi Strada on my way to my self-owned supermarket. The people who works for me greets me with a smile when I go and step inside the premises. I walk down to my office and sign papers. I stand and go to a nearby internet cafe branch which I also own. This is just one of my 30 cafe branches. The people who work for me are happy to see me and it look like they are my family.

I then go home, this time, my driver does the driving. Before reaching home, I stopped in a coffee shop and hugged James, yes he is part of my dream. He is also running his own business. He told me to just let our driver go first because he will drive me home with his car.

We reached our home, it is located in a peaceful and happy village, we have a two story white house with a brown/grayed roof. There's a veranda in the second level. There is a huge garage where our three cars, two mountain bikes and two motorcycles (raider and a honda) were parked. Inside our home, there is a big LCD screen hooked at the wall which can be reverted either facing the dining room or the 'sala'. We have a complete Sony home theater as well. We have two rooms in the first floor, one master bedroom, and three more beds upstairs. One for the guests and the two were for our children.

We immediately went out to fetch our two children, one is in grade three and the older one is in grade six. We were planning to have three children, we have two at that time, two boys, we hope to have a baby girl for the third child. Our boys has their father's hair and complexion. The older one has my eyes and eyebrows.

The two are studying in a prestigious advance school. They are happy to see us while running towards us. Blesses and kissed us before going inside the car. Both of them are doing good with their studies and are active in extra curricular activities.

We went home together while the two boys talk about their experience that day.

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