Lunch at McJohn’s Bistro

A week ago, James and I had a very busy morning, my mom from Bohol asked us to do something for her which was quite difficult. It was almost 12 noon when we were done with the errand; at that point we were near Red Ribbon in Jones Avenue. We first thought of just eat lunch at Red Ribbon but James had a change of mind when he remembered a resto near our location, its name is McJohn’s Bistro. He said it is a small resto and that the foods were cheap.

She seemed happy to have us there...hehe

So we went ahead and checked their menu, looking at their menu, I then thought that the resto is a new one since they only have few dishes and they don’t offer softdrinks or iced tea or any other drinks, just water. Simply water. We then thought this is a good branch to offer our renefx product. 

Reading John Maxwell's book while waiting...

While I was waiting for my order...

Anyways, so we waited for a couple of minutes and then my order is ready. We ordered the same set which was the pork belly. It only costs Php 58.00, no I actually had forgotten the exact price but it’s less than Ph60.00, I swear and the taste? It’s actually good and is far more worthy than its price. I was really satisfied with the food, the only thing I can comment out is that they should try to offer drinks since some customers have this tendency where in they wanna throw up after eating like me and the only remedy so I won’t throw up is to drink or eat something sweet like a fruit juice or a cola. But so far, they are one of the cheapest resto I have eaten yet and did I say we were the only customers there when we ate our lunch?

My Porkbelly

Check them out too guys!
I have included here the map: 

Singapore Steamboat
The mushroom pot – we serve a hot pot buffet featuring seafood, wild mushrooms, and specialty dishes. Ladies get 20% off dinner buffet from mon to fri.

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