I attended Cebu Kerygma Conference 2010

Nine hours of nonstop praises and rejoices for the Lord with the Lord’s people, that was what I have experienced during the Cebu Kerygma Conference held at Waterfront Hotel and Casino last December 4, 2010, just this weekend. It was the second time that the said event was held in Cebu and it was my first time to attend that kind of event, I mean not really my first time, what I am saying is that, that was a Catholic event and I am not one. I've been to many Christian conferences before but not with a Catholic community. But the event was fulfilling and restoration was the main subject. Restoration from the worldly hurts, from problems either financially, mentally or spiritually. Restoration from the stresses, failures and for most of us, earthly endeavors. 

Mine and James' tickets

My companions were James, Jeff, Evan, Richard, Dominic and Daddy Ian; these guys are my partners in the MLM business. We were an hour early for the event and we were very choosy with our seating place, we then ended up at the upper deck, where we can see all the people below during the program proper. We were at the center so everything was visible. Two large projectors were placed each side of the stage so that the people at the back can still see what is happening in the stage. The quality was so good though, even the video part, it seems to have great resolution. No reason of invisibility to slides or presentations at all. 

the view from where we were seated

The first part of the event was a healing mass, a foreign priest name Rev. Fr. John Iacono lead the mass, he was no foreign anymore though since he can speak and understand Bisaya, he had also spoken some other foreign languages during the event. There was I believe, Latin and Spanish, I would always be amazed with people who can speak more than two languages. After the mass was the opening worship with Rev. Fr. Joseph Skelton Jr. with Fire of God Ministries. Oh! And the host of the event was the ever “gwapo” Bro. George Gabriel, he is getting married anyway. The first talk was Bro. Carl Fontanilla, he talked about The Secret to a Fantastic Family Life, and next in line was the funny man, Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin. Bro Michael has a very good sense of humor; he can make everyone laugh our hearts out that time. He had written a book entitled, “Laugh with God”, and guess what, I bought a copy later part of the event. 

my copy of Bro. Michael's Laugh with God

It was in the middle of the event when I felt uneasy so I decided to go to the comfort room. Found out my visitor had come unexpectedly in the wrong time since I was not ready, I was planning to bring one but I had forgotten it. So James and I walked around and looked where to buy one. We went to Duty Free where the prices are in dollar$$, thanks to that good guard at the entrance door and we were able to buy at a souvenir shop at the second floor, it costs Php 15 for a single piece, since we were thirsty, we also bought a mineral water the smallest bottle costs Php 60. Superb, sure I will get myself ready next time.

There was a hand mime presentation as well and again the praise and worship part. Last to talk was Bro. Bo Sanchez for the grand feast talk, he is quite known now. He has written good books as well and is the primary writer of the magazine “Kerygma” which I had read first way back in college, it was owned by my oldest friend, Virgilio Galinato.  Bro. Bo talked about the Prodigal Son parable of the Bible. There he stressed out that restoration doesn’t always come after the confession of sin. As written in the holy book, the prodigal son was still on his way to his father when his father saw him; his father immediately ran towards him, hugged and kissed him as a sign of forgiveness and restoration of their relationship. I believe it was a good point and Bro. Bo was able to explain it clearly during his talk. 

It was such a restoring event and everyone went home blessed and I hope that the event had served as a turning point to everyone spiritually. I myself have been blessed as well by the talks of the speakers of the event. Praises and worship songs do more blessing in me actually but the talks are like two sided blades which can penetrate to one’s heart if the speaker is powerful enough and I have experienced that during the Kerygma Conference.

I am looking forward for the Cebu Kerygma Conference for 2011 next year though. 

Check out our photos at the Waterfront hotel lobby.

partners, planeteers

at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino lobby with their three big Christmas tree

Superb!!! I guess there were more than a thousand heads during the event!

Bro. Bo Sanchez during his autograph signing after the event.

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