Mama Vicky's Home-made Peanut Butter

Oh yes! My mom's back in business! The last time she had made peanut butter for sale was way back when we were in High School which is why all of us were happy to know that she has started making Peanut Butter again and take note, her PB is pretty much yummier that those who can buy in the market plus, it is super affordable.

Actually, Mama Vicky started it a couple of weeks already and when I had my vacation leave for four days, I was able to assist her on making the 10 kilo peanuts to butter. During the cooking session, she told me that I should know how to make it so that she has someone to pass the recipe to. But the recipe is quite simple, the only difficult one was the separating part of the peeled peanuts from the skin or they call it as "magtahop". I had undergone the training with my grandma way back in my elementary years but I never learned.

Anyways, today, I will share to you guys how my mom made her yummy and our favorite Home Made Peanut Butter. First, Mama Vicky cooked the peanuts in a pan until they turn dark brown. We then started peeling the skin when it's already cool. Mama Vicky then separated the skin and the peanuts using a "Nigo".

The peanuts were mixed with white sugar and then were put into the grinding machine.
This is how it looks like when mixed with the sugar.
After that, the butter was also mixed with the grinded peanut. It almost look like peanut butter but this needs another round of grinding until my mom will be satisfied with the looks.

After cooling, they will be placed in the containers, there were small, medium and large sizes each costs, Php 50, 135 and 150. 

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