Chillin' out at the Cartzone (SYKES xmas party 2010)

We just had a blast last night at the Cartzone, it was Sykes' 2010 Christmas Party, real early huh? It doesn't matter though as long as everyone had enjoyed it. We had our exchanging gift session as well during the party. As expected, not all of the team members came but most did so it was still a good night. The weather was nice and rain didn't come, just so you know before the event, there was a three consecutive heavy rainy night and all of us were just praying it won't rain and God answered us! Thanks to that cloud churva, I forgot its name but I bet you know and you have seen it already. Markem said it breaks the nimbus clouds and so it won't rain. Well, I guess I remember its name now, it is Cloud Breaker? Hmmm.. not sure though, I gotta ask Markem again. Hehe

Anyways, I came late, the party started at six but I came two hours late and I was disappointed because the food zone that I got to line up almost had no more food. I ate fish fillets only! Grrr, they should have prepared lots of food since the venue is just super near to our office and agents would surely come. That was such a great disappointment! 

There were two stand up comedians while I was eating and were bullying our OMD as well as my ex-team mate, Reggy. Those two gays would tend to kiss Reggy and an SE team leader every time they answer their questions. Everyone was laughing out loud during that segment, I can't help to laugh as well.

So then we started with the exchanging gift session, I had bought a Dickies sunglass for my Manito, Arnan. We had set Php 300 as the minimum amount for the gifts, my gift though worth almost Php 500. I never though that sunglass would be so expensive. But anyway, I was still happy because I was able to receive a gift (some of my team mates were not since their Manito/Manita were absent). check it out:

My gift from Tommy! Thanks!!

Papa Joe's team

This was also my first to attend my company's Christmas party and I no regrets at all, it was all fun fun fun! I will be looking forward for our gift packs.. hehe

Check out our photos:

With Roseariel at the SYKES chill out board.

With Titah gwapa

 With the gorgeous Meg 

 With Papa Joe

From left to right: Papa Joe, Pearl, Agua, Dave, Fan2, Markem, Titah gwapa and me!

 With Markem!

With Titah Gwapa and Voltaire, the elastic voltz!

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