Worst Printing Service Ever!!!

super pissed with this printing company located in emall, i was promised to get my tarpauline at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. i was actually late just to make sure that the tarp is already ready for pick up and so I don't have to wait anymore.

I arrived at the Guardosoft office at 5:00pm. the guy who attended the office accepted my receipt and told me that the in charge is not yet around. he then told me to wait for awhile so then i went outside and waited. at 5:45pm, James and I went back to the office, I was hoping that the tarp is already there but sadly, the lady in-charged was the only one present, my tarp...I don't know. so I asked the lady but she said my tarp is at their main office, they were waiting for it to be delivered. again I waited for a couple of minutes more and went back inside but said its not yet ready. she made a phone call and told us to follow her to their main office. alright, we patiently followed her down then we just found ourselves at the sanciangko street in front of cebu coliseum. i found out that they are affiliated or i don't know the exact term...with highland graphics printing who prints tarp at Php 18 per square foot. it's Php 2 cheaper than at the Guardosoft. they let me wait outside the small and dirty office for more than 20 minutes. i went inside and asked them if the tarp was ready but they just smiled and said they ran out of magenta ink. i never smiled in return and then they said they'll gonna change the color so they can print it right away. i looked at my phone and it was hell 7:00pm, i haven't slept yet and I still have work at 12 midnight, who would smile thinking that the tarp needed in few hours was not yet being printed?

they should be thankful that i am patient and i don't like to nag at somebody so i seated down at a chair even if they didn't tell me to do so. i chatted with another irate customer who ordered her tarp two days ago. she has a baby waiting at their house and she was already nagging about the service. She was more pissed than i do.

and so the most awaited part has come..they were now printing my tarpauline but then before i could breathe and thank God that its my turn, I saw that the color seemed to be greenish, the Ironman thing has been transformed into the Hulk. I then stopped the operator and told him I can't accept that color, they then said that it is because they ran out of magenta. I started complaining and told them it wasn't my problem if they ran out of magenta, it was their responsibility to print it out the way it should be and it should be exactly the same as what we have seen on the picture lay out.

They tried giving me their options like they will just print it our tomorrow or give me back my money and go to another printing company which will double my effort and time. Due to my frustration, I went outside and breathe for some air. I went back and told them I will just wait tomorrow just make sure that the tarp is already ready when I get there and make sure I will no longer wait for any second.

I asked for their phone number so I can call them tomorrow after work. I never said thank you, the lady didn't even apologize for the time wasted while I was waiting there outside, they didn't bother to lend a seat or ask if it was okay for me to wait. They didn't give any compensation to the frustration that they had given me. I will never ever go to that establishment anymore and for sure I will tell everyone that I know about their very bad service so that they will learn their lesson. Hopefully they will!


I was able to print the tarp at last but not with Guardosoft or the other one. I accidentally found this very accommodating printing office located at the back of the Cathedral. I only spent 15 minutes and my tarp was printed right then and there. Super fast service with very good quality. I salute to Premium Graphics Asia Center, Inc.

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