Hello Globe Wimax

I have internet connection now with Globe Wimax. Starting today, I am a certified Globe Wimax user and I will be observing it for a month now since they have their money back guarantee agreement on their contract form. Actually, I never paid anything with the installation compared to Smartbro's where I was asked to pay Php150 for the wires. From the start of the online application to the installation, it was all for free.

I can also say that the customer service was good, I applied online a couple of weeks ago and after 24 hours, I received a text message from Tina about the application and was told that an application form will be sent to me within 24 hours. So to say, the next day, I received a call from Air 21 about the application form from Globe. The same day, I received the application form and completed the requirements. It took me about three days to send the form because I thought I will handle all the expenses in sending the form back, we even went to a Globe Center to check their plans but then Tina called and asked me if I am ready with the form and the requirements so that Air21 can pick it up the next day out of charge, super happy to hear about the free service, I then agreed to continue and have the form picked up the next day, that was December 23, 2010.

It was almost Christmas back then and I need to go home to Bohol so when a Globe agent called me, instead of the 26th, I asked them to have it installed in the 30th. I still received two phone calls from the installers on the 26th, they said they want to conduct a signal test on the area, I declined since I was in Bohol that time.

So when the 30th came, that's today, I received their call at 11:30 in the morning about the installation and I confirmed. We communicated and at two o'clock in the afternoon, we met at McDonalds and eventually started installing the external antenna. Jhong was the one who configures while the other kuya was the installer of the antenna. It was just a 30 minute process and the taaaraa! The internet was up and running. Jhong tested the connection just to make sure it was stable. After the testing and all, everything was in stable mode. James and I served them some "merienda" with a soft drink and bread spread with my Mama Vicky's Home-made Peanut Butter.

I signed a confirmation form and then bid goodbye to the two of them. Now, I am enjoying the good connection, let's see them if there will be problems with my one month money-back guarantee time!

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