Tiktilaok at Robinsons - Fuente

James and I had fallen in love with Tiktilaok's bestseller chicken. Everytime that we go to Robinsons-Fuente, we would surely order a half chicken. The roasted chicken's half body was brushed with a golden liquid, I guess it was a combination of oil and "suka", and then sprinkled with spices such as chopped garlic and peppers. Super delicious!!! Plus thristy's buko juice, now it is totally perfect.


what i love about robinsons food court also is the informative lcd screen placed in the middle of the court. it gives info about the islands or provinces of our country like dumaguete, it said that its name came from the term "daggit". There were did you know facts as well, examples are -it is impossible for a pig to look up the sky
-hawaii is coming closer to japan 4 inches every year
-cold water weighs more than hot water,
-186 days cant see the sun in north pole
-coca cola first softdrinks consumed in outerspace
-pure gold is soft that it can be molded with your hands
-butterflies taste using their feet
-cebu is the oldest city in the country

Aside from that, there were questionable questions as well here are some of the examples:
-why does the sun lightens our hair but darkens our skin.
-can you daydream at night
-why do dogs stand and cat sits down when eating
-why aren't size B batteries?

Sadly, they had taken the lcd monitor recently because of the renovation that is going on. I wonder if they still have plans of putting it back, I do hope they will in the future though.

Until next Tiktilaok session!

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