Panuhot, Hilot, Puhot

You're not from the Visayan Provinces if you don't know those terms listed above. "Panuhot" is a term used to describe a situation where in your body has been filled with air which causes some illness mostly fever, cough or flu. "Hilot" is a term for a massage which heals "Panuhot". This is practiced by mostly old folks or we call them "Manghihilot". "Puhot" in Cebu but in my own province, Bohol, we call it "Buhot", it’s a term used where in a "Manghihilot" lightens a tobacco, that one which came from tobacco leaves and were dried under the sun and then instead of smoking from the unlighted edge, the "Manghihilot" puts it inversely and creates smoke which will be placed over the whole body of the patient.

Why am I telling you all of these? Actually, James and I went home to Oslob last weekend because it was their town's fiesta but unfortunately, the night before we went home, James got a fever due to colds and cough. When we arrived, his mom then advised him to go to a "Manghihilot" to cure or rather lessen his ailment. And we did, the first time we went there, the old lady named "Manang" had a lot of clients so we decided to move it the next day. Good thing she had only two clients when we went there last Sunday. Manang massaged James first and then my turn, I was thinking she would massage hard but she did it softly. She said I had a lot of "Panuhot" and then she proceed further, she would ask me always if a spot at my back is painful, once I agree, she would tell me that it is another "Panuhot". I had two on my shoulders, on my back were countless and some in my chest. It was a 30-minute massage and then we only paid her Php 20.00; I guess she deserves more so I gave her another Php 20.00.

We went straight to James' grandmother and she did practice "Puhot". They said if the smoke would stay longer on your skin, it means you have a lot of "Panuhot" and they have seen it on mine.

After the session, I felt better and I was feeling good. I farted a couple of times,lols... That was a private topic but I loved it, it felt great (I guess everyone loves it whenever it exits the body, lols)!

I was unable to get some photos because we left our phones at home. I really regret leaving those relevant handy stuffs. A lesson I am trying to learn up to now, gees my bad. Anyways, maybe you had also experienced that kind of treatment which James and I had during our weekend vacation, if you had, would you care to share? There are still a lot of treatments which can only be found in the provinces, they are famously called "Binisaya" and I'll share it to you guys once I have experience the others.

We have seen our eleven little piglets! I'll be posting it here soon...

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