Excited with Someone else's Wedding

Aside from being excited of my little niece's birthday, there is one more event that I am truly excited also, and that is the wedding of my "manoy" Steven. In fact, it feels like I am more excited than them. Our eldest brother will get married to the mother of his little girl, Aiesha Zaila on April 12, 2010 at Camp Karis, Casate, Ubay, Bohol. They will have a garden wedding as what I can see since the venue is a camp site, well not an ordinary camp site actually because this site that I am referring to has been developed, one nice thing about it is the water mill on the area. You'll see that spot soon after the wedding.

And so as I was saying, I am quite excited with this event that I personally researched every detail that a wedding needs to prepare. From the entourage down to the photo and video coverage, I wanna be a part of the preparation team. I was being paranoid and was feeling like a wedding planner, that I guess isn't bad. Anyways, during my research, I came to meet this website here ourwedding.pixelsplasher.com where every single detail of their wedding has been discussed and I liked it because it was a friendly guide knowing the author was the bride and groom themselves.

I was astonished when I get to the Bridal Registry Link, I was curious what it was all about so I clicked the link and surprisingly, I found out that it was all about wedding gifts. That time, I then realized that wedding seemed like Christmas party, in Christmas parties, you'll get to have exchange gifts session and with that, you'll need to create a wish list. That's exactly the same concept of the Bridal Registry, so both the groom and the bride will be writing their list of preferred gifts and will be given to the retail or department stores to assist both the engaged couples and the guests. Guests, since it will save them from the hassle of thinking what gift and the couples, having the assurance that they will receive the gifts they wanted.

Hmmm, I just know now! But that kind of idea is quite unpopular in our province, which is why after a certain wedding, the couples would receive same gifts, they'll have too many glasses, double rice cookers and the worst, a hundred of plates and utensils. Haha...Bridal registry is helpful though. But I guess we can just skip that part with my brother's wedding.

Update for the wedding, I am now on the process of making the invitation and the Bridal Entourage which will be distributed on February, the bridal gowns were already being sewed by Roxanne Monton, Hair and Make up will be handled by Ranie (a gay family friend), pre-nuptial, photo and video coverage will covered by Britz Digital Fotographie.

Wohaa! I sure am having butterflies on my stomach. I just want this event to be successful and everyone on our clan will be coming so  I want it to be as close to perfect! Praying and hoping for its success!

'Til next update!!!

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