My 2010

Two thousand ten had been good to me and had given me new doors of opportunities which I could say had made me somewhat a better person now. Certain things happened which I least expected yet they happened for a good reason, some came up as a blessing in disguise and I ended up thankful for those experiences.'s birth. In April, my blog came into a realization. I had always been wanting to have my own domain, thanks to James for working out and buying one for me, though it was a cheap domain, it's value is incomparable. Aside from my personal blog, freescrapbooks site had emerged too. Well, I am actually a novice in this blogging field and there are things that I don't know yet but I am willing to learn on this area. I am truly thankful because I was able to create a memoir of my life experiences, of the places I've been to and the people I met in 2010.

A preparation for the future. I had been introduced to the world of business that year. James and I invested in this multilevel company. We had started our own small business too. Some of our friends would joke and say we are both serious preparing for our future and that we might as well tie knots, but hey! Isn't it nice to work hard while young and then enjoy what you have worked hard in the future?

Free gadgets and stuffs. I mean prizes of hard work. I received two smart-phones for being a top performer within the same year. Looking forward for some more this year! Aside from the two phones, I had received numerous movie tickets too the whole year, so watching a movie was not a problem at all. I have even shared those to a number friends and I can't forget how my new friends from CNU felt when we watched "My Amnesia Girl" together out of charge because of those free movie tickets. Well, it pays to love your work too!

New life, new faces, new peers. My first niece was born in February and our home was filled again with baby cries and laughter. She was the main reason why I wanna go home and take vacation leaves. In August, I was transferred to a new work team. This was like heartbreaking because I was attached to my original team but I got no choice. Eventually, I was able to love the team and made me have more friends at work now. In September, James and I had met and gained a lot of friends and connections because of the business that we had engaged. 

It was a blessed year and I could never be thankful enough to the One above who has been there always to guide and shower not just me but all the people around me with joy and love. Looking forward for another year, let's see what the year of the Rabbit has in store for me. So, aside from the things stated above, I want to share to you this three minute video with the places I went to and the events that had happened to me and my friends, colleagues and loved-ones in 2010!

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