Live Fireworks Display Competition 2011

Before the long-awaited Street Dancing for the Sinulog festival, there was this one thing that we have been talking to and been wanting to witness, the Annual Fireworks Display Competition Live in SM-Cebu North-wing. I never have seen one for the last years though and so for 2011, I promised to watch it myself. And hello? Fireworks are kinda amazing, this makes everyone shout their heart out and go gaga with matching "WOW" expression while mouths are open. And this kind of thing is for the whole family, young or old are hooked to it.  

I was super excited that I convinced James to go early, it was still five in the afternoon when we arrived there together with James' parents. I guess they were kinda tired that time but won't just tell, maybe because of the stressful traffic that we had before arriving there. Just for the record, we waited for a PUJ for more than an hour and we walked a mile after (just exaggerating with the mile) since the roads were already closed. We heard that the event would start at seven but sad thing, it started at almost nine in the evening. The worst thing was that the rain was still pouring and thousands of viewers were stocked in the North-wing entrance. We then decided to go to the shaded parking lot. And so after hours of waiting, the show had finally begun! 

The following are the videos I personally had taken, enjoy!!!

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