First Wimax Bill Payment

As you already know, I subscribed to Globe Wimax and had it installed last December. And so last week, I received my first Globe Wimax Bill. I was surprised to see the fees breakdown. On my last post titled Hello Globe Wimax, I told you that the installation and all that were free. Unfortunately on my bill, I have an installation fee of Php 446.43 :

globe wimax bill

So basically, I was wrong because the installation was not free at all, that is a disappointment. But anyway, I just let it be since the installation service was an A+. 

globe wimax bill 2

Above is the total bill amount which covers the installation fee, the MRF or monthly recurring fee for December 30, 2010 to January 5, 2011 and from January 6 to February 5, 2011. Notice that their monthly cut-off is every 5th of the month and that I need to pay this amount on or before January 26, 2011. One of my friends told me that I must, if I could, pay early because Globe tracks the payments made by their customers and they sometimes give freebies and prizes to those who make their payments before the due date. Just saying but hopefully that is true, I might win some free stuffs. :)

Anyway the amount above is not the final one, as you can see there is something missing there. Yes, you are right! There's no tax yet, so here is the final billing statement:

globe wimax bill 3

Since I was aiming for the early bird prize, though I'm not sure if that is true, I went to Elizabeth Mall with James to pay for the bill. The Globe corner at E-mall is not that big, in fact it is somewhat like the Cebuana Lhuiller corner, this might be because they mostly cater payments here unlike their office in SM where they also cater inquiries and sometimes I guess plan management. But anyway, this is how the place looks like:

Globe Center Emall Branch

Globe Center Emall Branch 2

Since there were still a couple of people inside, after asking for the priority number we waited outside. Like Smart Communication, they also have this electronic machine which prints out priority numbers operated by the security guard. I asked James to do the honor since I was busy taking pictures outside.

james at Globe Center's counter

It only took a few minutes and we're done! 'Til next month then.

Pictures taken using my Palm Centro and post process via Adobe Photoshop CS4.


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