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Did you know that you can send free sms through gmail chat? Yes I am definitely referring to the Google's web-mail right there on your web browser or the google talk app. Tried it a couple of times with different people and it works! Amazing huh? I bet only a few knew this and so the main reason why I blogged it. And today I will show how to do it. Ready? Already!!!

So first things first, you must know that you should have an active gmail account. Got me? So try logging into your own account now. I am logged as of the moment too!

Once your logged on, look for the chat section, I have mine on the right side, I bet you have yours on the bottom left part. Check out the lab section if you want to have your chat section at the right part.

And then add a new contact with this format : 63 + your 10 digit mobile number So in my case, I entered 639072011*** Once added, it will show as online and you that phone number will receive an sms too.

invite to chat
added mow as contact, you can rename it as well if you like

If you wanna send out a message, just send that contact an instant message and alas! That person would receive that message right there and then!

sent out three test sms

received the three test messages with the reply notification, sorry they are not that clear!
Now you can send at most three sms to that number everyday only! Not bad at all. Once you reached the limit, your phone will receive this notification: 

Note: If you do not reply to this message, the user will be blocked from sending you messages. Reply with any messages to disable block function.
See? So this can be useful on emergency times or when your out of minutes and you're too lazy to go out and buy minutes or load.

This is just one of the ways where you can send out free sms, you don't need to buy minutes or loads for your phone anymore! Lols, Our local Carriers will kill me for this...haha.

Enjoy with your free texts! 

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