Sinulog at 31

It was a rainy Sinulog day, well as far as I could remember, Sinulog day has always been a rainy day. Some say the reason why the rain hasn't stopped pouring because Sinulog came from the word SULOG which means "like water current movement". Hmmm...maybe. But the rain has never stopped the dancers and performers, as a matter of fact, they had enjoyed dancing more feeling like children playing under the rain! The tons of audiences however have been ready now for the rain, almost everyone had brought with them their umbrellas or caps.

These are some of the scenes that I have seen during the said event:

- Dancers with their muddy feet, some were bare footed while dancing all day long. Can't imagine myself with that!

- Hundreds of photographers with their DSLRs rushing everywhere to find their best angles. Some of the viewers were a little pissed because they were like roaming around even at the point where they were in the midst of the dancers. Well, they were doing their best for their entries and they had paid for it (so kevir lang sila).

- Tubig, tubig, big, big. Bottled water vendors were all around, so you don't have to worry getting thirsty while watching the great event. My former colleague once had posted on his facebook account about how one can earn with selling bottled water. Here is his post:

- Kapuso artists. I am a true Kapamilya actually but sad truth, I only saw few Kapuso stars during the event. Oh! I had seen one by the way but I didn't know her. They said she was one of the teens at Big Bro's house but sorry I didn't recognize her. So the stars I have seen were JC De Vera, he was cute in person. Michelle and Era Madrigal, Michelle was really morena and Era's gifted! Lols. I also saw Solenn from the Survivors Philippines, she was the darling of the crowd. And Rhianne Ramos who was really cute and charming. She has this angelic face and among them, she was the prettiest, in my humble opinion. I was still disappointed I never saw anyone famous from ABS-CBN. Last year I saw Anne Curtis and she was really adorable.

- Cosplay characters. Yes! One of my dreams is to see them personally and it came true. I was really happy to see my favorite Kakashi of the Naruto series. Lupi of One Piece was there too and some others. James and I had ourselves picute taken with the guys! You rock!!!

- Giants and wonderful floats. I just can't help but appreciate those people who took the effort of making those floats and giants puppets. Some of those that I can't forget were the Naruto, Vice Ganda, Mr. Bean, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and a Zombie from the famous game, Plants VS. Zombies. The floats which was inspired from the Avatar movie was the best for me.

Here is a photo to sum up everything!

And thanks to the Centennial Force for the Crowd Control ID.

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