eSheeps Conquered my Desktop

Oh oh! Five cute little electronic sheeps are roaming on my desktop right now. They run, jump, eat, giggle, pee and they sleep too.  Super cute and fluffy, has little legs and pairs of purple horns. I have them for almost two years but forgot about them until one of my colleagues told about this animated girl on his desktop. I was thankful I found them on my disk.

Actually, they are just executable files which will automatically run once double clicked. 

I could not remember who gave this cute little thing though but I am thankful I have them. They make my desktop lively because of their behavior and they also entertains me when I am bored.

Here is their video which I had recorded today, check out how cute they are:

Do you want to get a copy of my eSheeps? Just clik on the sheep below and save it on your drive. Extract it and double left click. Alas! Your desktop has been conquered by my eSheep now!!! Enjoy!

Double right click to close them.

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