My Little Pink Mouse Resigned

January 7, 2010 - Marks the effective date of Minnie's resignation. After two years and a month of service, she then finally puts herself to rest. I am referring to my laptop's optical mouse which I purchased the same day I bought my tablet. A few days ago, I had observed that she's fighting for her life, she connects and disconnects from the usb port and died. It's super sad. :(

I could still remember the day I saw her displayed inside her own box at a space in Elizabeth Mall last December 2008. I fell in love with her color because its pink and cute. I thought that time that she is the one perfect enough for my tablet and immediately went inside and purchased her without even a single doubt. She was a hundred and fifty bucks but her worth was more that her price actually because she has been with me for the past two years.

there she was when she was still happy and gay!, hey I missed you rubic's cube!

She has been with me during our sleepless nights doing our thesis and because of her we were able to do stuffs on the computer.

editing a few lines of the program during the defense day, as requested by one of the judges.

She was there during the defense day, because of her we were able to edit our program and passed college. *Sobs*

She was there too when James and I celebrated our first and second anniversary. (Sorry got no picture)

you can't see her but she was there! She's just been covered by the manila paper.
She's present the time we had our family gathering with our eldest brother a year ago.

And she was there when I started blogging and became my help with every article I post here in this specific blog of mine.

I am just being emotional guys, but she will stay here in my heart forever and I will never ever forget to remember her.

So as the saying say, accept and move on. So today, I went back to E-mall to see if she has a twin left there but unfortunately those were her cousins and they don't look like her. I then decided to go to CDR-King and made some look on the displays, I saw "Messie" and I said, from now on, you'll be "Mennie's" adopted sister. So I have Messie now, she is good and is trying to empress me and I know the hurt upon losing Mennie will be healed soon with Messie's help.

Wooah! I can't believe I have just been left my a friend. I love you Mennie and farewell! Hugs and kisses...

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