Blast from the Past

So I was scanning through the pages of my childhood album when I went home last Christmas and surprisingly, I saw this two photos from my Kindergarten and sixth grade. These two photos were both taken on our class Christmas parties. Check 'em out!

This was in Kindergarten, you notice how many we are in a class? Actually, we have morning and afternoon classes and since it's our Christmas Party, both classes were combined for the party, I guess this was way back in 1992 or 1993 when I was four or five years old.

Have you seen me in the picture? If not then let's see where I was seated.

There you go, haha, I have a frown face before I can't remember why I would always frown even if it was Christmas, maybe I was just shy before. Teehee, check some of my photos in which I was frowning too.

So I was really a girl with a frown face before.

Here is the photo from my sixth grade's Christmas Party too, guess what? I was frowning too! Haha... I never thought I was a camera-hater before. Anyways, try to look for me then...

Alright, I'll just tell you where I was standing in that picture. Taaadaa!!!

So there I go, I had changed a bit so to compare with my photos today, I smile a lot specially if there is a camera around. Proof? 

during our company and team's Christmas Party 2010, that' a big smile!

Our MLM company's Christmas Party too

During our church' Christmas party with my niece, o-oh! I guess I know who got my frown face now!

How about you? Do you photos from the past during your childhood years that you wanna share with us? I know those photos contain the best poses and smiles because before, we are all band to 12, 24 and 36 shots only. I regret I never smiled before. Teehee... Anyway I can't change that but at least I got a memorabilia right  here. Share your own too!

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