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This stuff that I am going to share today is a pretty cool software, it's so cool because first, you can remotely access someone else's PC, yeah! That is cool... Second, you can transfer files. Third, you can create a  Virtual Private Network and lastly, it's all for free, yes totally FREE. I have heard of softwares like this before but you need to purchase them so to use it. Well, I wanna thank my good friend Michael Bern for sharing this wonderful masterpiece here!

So starting off, this software is called TeamViewer. Just a quick glimpse, 

TeamViewer is the all-in-one solution for Remote access and support over the internet. TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.

You can try downloading the free software at, once done with the download, create your own account and a window will gonna show up which looks like this:

Already! You are now ready to access anybody's pc, by the way the free one that I was talking about is only available for personal use, if you have selected non-commercial, then you had just purchased it!

I will only share to you the first and second feature. So let's try the first one which is remote access. Since James is at work, I asked him to help me out.

I asked James to go to and let him click on the join a session link.

Once the link is clicked, just select the run option and that will show a new window with an ID and a password. On my end, I entered his ID and selected remote control then clicked on the connect to partner button.

In just a few seconds... eng eng eng.... Tadaaaah!

I have his pc accessed now! He too was also astonished with the said software. In fact, he had installed one to his own PC and tried accessing mine too.

Now for the second feature, you can transer files from and to your pc and your partner's. Just go back to the TeamViewer program, select file transfer and connect. 

You will automatically see this window:

Just click on the files that you want to transfer and hit on send to send to your partner's pc or receive if you want to get a file from your partner's pc.

As an example, I looked on James' files on his desktop and selected fb.png and clicked on the receive button.

this is just how it look like when transferring a file may it be from or to...

So checking on my desktop, I can see that fb.png file now on the folder.

This is a great help for anyone out there who want to access their PC remotely and get some files even if they are away from their personal computer! Isn't it wonderful? It is beautiful right?

Try it on your own and see the wonders! Enjoy!!!

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