Bad Azule Bite His New Friend

Today we welcomed a new pair of guppy fish and a white female fighting fish. The lady at the pet shop said the guppies are safe with Azule. Without any negative thinking, we placed all four of them inside the bowl with their new home since we bought a new artificial rock with weeds on it and colorful pebbles too which made the bowl aquarium pretty clear and lively.

Unfortunately, something bad happened. We were merrily watching the four of them when Azule attacked the male guppy and bite its tail. Good thing we were there and took Azule away from the poor guppy. Now the male guppy could hardly swim, he is very pitiful and I wish I have not placed it with Azule. I felt sorry thinking about it and realized Azule should be grounded by not giving him food but I can't stop myself feeding him. 

the pair of guppy fish bought fot Php 65 per pair
We believe in the biblical quote that a man should never be alone so we just let Diwata, the female fish's name live together with Azule. Now here's the most amazing part, Azule's attitude seemed to change with Diwata's presence. While he was shy and fins closed to his body before, he had spread them and his gills as well. It was such a nice view but Diwata was kind of scared of Azule, so she kept away from him and hide herself under the artificial weeds. But Azule was able to find her and kept bugging her. I wonder if Azule had bite her also, it would be really awful.

this is how he tries to bug Diwata...
My colleague and friend told me that fighting fish live longer than any other domestic fish species however, they  need to be separated from the rest because of their behavior. Look like I am learning their attitudes now.

Anyway, check some of their photos together:
Diwata hiding in the weeds... She looked scared, poor lil fella!
look how he spreads his fins... beautiful right?

We haven't named the male and female guppy fishes yet, do you have any suggestions? Feel free to comment!

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