Azule: My New Fighting Fish Pet

Today, I have just received a blessing. It's the birth of a new member of the family and I am so happy having him. Since before, I want to have a pet, something which is easy to take care of and not too costly. I am glad that finally, I was able to get one. It's indeed a joyful way of welcoming December, my second favorite month of the year next to my birth month, January.

So, without further a do, I would like to introduce to you my fighting fish pet Azule. The truth is, I don't know if Azule is a boy or a girl but since his color is blue then I would consider him as a boy and his name is obviously because of his color. Azule, exaggerated word for asul, a Filipino term equivalent to blue. He is my first Christmas gift!

So why did I choose fish?

Reason #1. Cheap. Aha! Of course I don't want to spend much money just to have a pet. I am kinda frugal also, teehee. This is the main factor that I had considered. I bought Azule for only Php 35 at a street in Manalili, Cebu. His home costs Php 180, green edible plants for decoration for Php 10 and his feeds, Php 10. So you do the math. 

Reason #2. Easy to maintain. Of course since he is just a little tiny living creature, feeding him is not a big problem. His one pack of fish feeds is enough for I guess five long months because he only need 5 grains a day and aside from that, the green plant I bought can be eaten also.

Reason #3. Quiet and Clean. Home cleaning is not a problem at all. His aquarium can be cleaned once a week only since he is not messy. He doesn't speak at all so he will sure be quiet all the time.

Since I believe in the saying that no fish is an island, I will buy another fighting fish maybe next week. I will buy the red one so I will name it Fula. Teehee. Just kidding, I will think about her name next week. For now, I am loving Azule. His energy is terrific, he moves here and there that's why his photos a bit blurry.

More photos:

Do you have a pet as well? What kind of pet and what's his/her name?

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4 Comments to “Azule: My New Fighting Fish Pet”

  • Hi Jean,

    Glad to hear you have your Azule. He's so cute! ^_^

    For the record, you're reasons are so true. Actually, last week Avs and I were also planning to buy fish. However I'm not decided yet what kind of fish to buy. I'll surely let you know when i have mine hopefully next week... hehe... I'm so excited!

    Avs is also planning to buy hamster. He missed having them. I bet you know what happened to his hamsters before, a mouse went inside their cage and killed them all. That was really sad. Hopefully it will never ever happened again.

    Anyway, I'm just glad knowing we are both having fish as our pet. ^_^

  • @tiffany: hi mama bear! yehey...daghan na ta!

    Of course I won't forget what happened to those hamsters. Glad to hear that Papa Bear is going to buy one again. I am excited to see what your fishes will be...

  • Wow, nice fish it looks rare. How much it is?

  • @Henry: hi there! the fighting fish is good for Php 35 only! :)

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